Template for Forum Ambassadors

Seed and Feed Our Forum

The Forum is a powerful tool for building and nurturing our online community. We want to provide a platform for members to share ideas, connect, and seek solutions.

We need your help to keep our Forum discussions alive and buzzing! With this template, we hope you feel empowered to post, comment, and engage in the conversations to foster a diverse and inclusive community environment. 


Complete Your Profile

Complete your profile in our community to engage in the Forum. Ensure that your profile is current and complete by finding your avatar in the upper right of the home page and selecting ‘Edit Profile’. 



Post in our Forum to start the conversation, share ideas, and connect with other community members. 

ACTION: Create a post or two that follows one of the prompts below or is related to our community’s mission. Follow at least two of the Pro Tips below when making your posts. 

Pro Tips: 

  • Include graphics or videos to accompany your text
  • Tag at least two topics to your post
  • Ask open-ended questions to prompt replies and comments
  • Include hyperlinks to encourage members to learn more 

Prompt Options:

  • What are you currently reading or recently finished that you would recommend to others?
  • What current tools, software, etc. are you utilizing that you’d recommend to others? What helped you choose that solution and/or what other solutions did you consider?
  • What community event(s) have you recently attended and what were your top three takeaways from the presentation(s)? 
  • What video or article from our community’s content library did you currently watch or read and what are your top three takeaways from that content? 
  • Are you hosting an upcoming community event that you’d like to invite community members to?
  • Where have you recently traveled, or plan to travel? 

Here is a resource on Posting in Forum


Comment & Reply

Comment on fellow community members’ posts in reply, to offer advice or solutions or to share ideas that compliment their point. 

ACTION: Comment on at least two posts in the Forum.

ACTION: Check out the comments that have been made on your Post and reply to the commenter(s). 

Here is a resource on engaging in Forum


Celebrate & Engage

The Forum feeds off the engagement of upvotes and claps, and your work to celebrate and acknowledge posts and comments is vital. 

ACTION: Check out the comments that have been made on your post and clap in support of the suggestions, thoughts, and notes fellow community members have made. 

ACTION: Find two posts that you find interesting or want to promote and up-vote them. 

ACTION: Find two comments or replies that you agree with, find interesting or want to promote and clap in support of them.

Here is a resource on engaging in Forum



Our community rules appear on each page of Forum to encourage members to be considerate and respectful when posting, but there may be instances where you need to moderate or delete a post or comment. 

ACTION: If you see a post or comment that does not follow our community rules, please report it by selecting the three-dot menu in the upper right, and a moderator will review and take action. 

If you have been asked to be a Forum Moderator, reference this resource to learn how to pin, report, and delete items in the Forum. 

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