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  • In Person Event Mobile App

    Gradual offers an event mobile app to elevate your in-person & hybrid events and engage your attendees. Attendee Engagement Event attendees are encouraged to meet others with a dynamic list of

  • Collaborators

    The Gradual Collaborators feature allows you to add members to collaborate with you in your community's event management and content creation. You can define specific permissions for collaborators

  • Adding a Video

    Having helpful content available to your members, including videos, is a valuable component of creating, maintaining and growing your community. Gradual plays your videos from the native player of

  • Community Info Card

    The Community Info Card is a graphic card that provides an overview of your community on the Forum and Club homepages. You can customize this card and opt to have this shown (by turning on

  • Clubs and Chapters

    Feature your community's geographical chapters; promote their events, content, and leadership through Clubs. From the Clubs page, members can explore chapters from an interactive world map, see a

  • Hybrid Events

    Hybrid events in Gradual combine the features and functionality of virtual and in-person events into one. Provide streaming and virtual engagement access to those attending virtually and the physical

  • Adding Event Permissions

    Gradual supports adding permissions so others can help configure specific events, but not have access to the entire community dashboard. These users are given access to the collaborator dashboard and

  • Clubs and Chapters Settings

    Customize the look and feel of your Club homepage and the details and access levels of individual chapters from the dashboard. Club Settings Club Visibility This setting toggles the visibility of the

  • Check-in App

    Utilize the Gradual Check-In app on site to check in attendees, register guests, and print name badges from an iPad. You can also ask that all attendees agree to terms and conditions like NDAs or