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  • Forum

    Forum is Gradual’s community message board where members can post conversations to spark discussion and debate amongst the community. Forum appears as a main menu item on the left-hand side of your

  • Forum Boards

    Forum boards elevate and organize the Forum by grouping posts by topic, timeframe, member type, etc. Boards encourage community growth in niche interest areas and provide a solution for easier

  • Forum Settings & Data

    Forum Overview The Forum Overview tab in the dashboard provides great data and statistics on your Forum. Forum Statistics See the number of posts, comments, upvotes and claps in the Forum in a

  • Forum Moderation

    Auto-Moderation Tools & Settings Gradual has deployed several native moderation features that automatically moderate posts and comments so they are appropriate and work to deter spamming: Basic

  • Template for Forum Ambassadors

    Seed and Feed Our Forum The Forum is a powerful tool for building and nurturing our online community. We want to provide a platform for members to share ideas, connect, and seek solutions. We need

  • Forum Posts & Engagement

    Members must be logged in to see the Forum and must have a complete profile to make posts or comments and engage in the conversation. Any members that are marked 'Limited Approval' will not be able

  • Tags

    Tags are used to group content, events and Forum posts by topic, and aid your members in finding similar content when consuming Forum posts, videos, blogs, resources, or searching for events. Adding

  • Embedding videos and external content in Blogs, Resources & Event Descriptions

    You can embed videos, google slides, pdfs, gifs, etc. into blogs, resources, event descriptions and Forum posts. The links to these content pieces are added while creating or editing these pieces of

  • Spaces

    Restrict content, event access, channels and the Forum to only certain groups of logged-in members through the use of Spaces. Spaces are configurable access groups that allow you to assign certain

  • Ads and Banners

    You can add Hero Banners and Ads to your community to link to content and events within Gradual, or any external URL or website. Hero Banners appear at the top of the home page, while Ads appear on

  • Email Notification Preferences

    Members receive batch notifications by email when they have unread message(s) in Gradual, and to remind them when there is an upcoming event they're registered for. At any time, members can change

  • Access Controls within Gradual

    You have a number of different ways to control who and what members can access inside your Gradual community. We’re going to break access control down into three categories: Global Community Access

  • Member Access Levels

    It’s good practice to ensure your members are managed well for your thriving community. Part of member management is making sure members have the correct access to content and to connect with others